WANTED: Lost, Lonely, Rejected Pennies

Canada penny
A lot of you know I've been working on creating intentional community for local youth here in Lac La Biche. A goal? To have a place of welcome, healing, fun, and spirituality where youth who have been exploited can come, live, create family, and learn who they are in Christ. It's called The Coming Home Community.

Yesterday, the Canadian Conservative government announced the 2012 Federal Budget. No budget is perfect, and I have my share of "oh greats!" just like everyone else. However this year, after decades of hmmm-ing and haw-ing, the federal governent has finally decided to retire the Canadian $00.01 penny – the lowest form of currency in the country. It is worth $00.01, but takes $00.015 to produce. 

However, there are billions of pennies still in circulation. While they are still considered a vaild form of currency, why not give these poor, rejected copper coins a home??? Why not search between your couch cushions, smash your piggy banks, empty your change jars, and say: "Hey pennies… it's been GREAT having you around, but the time has come to send you to a better place! You'll be helping youth create a place for themselves that is safe, healing, fun, and full of life. What could be better?!"

After deciding to bid farewell to your pennies, shoot me a message and I will send you my address. If you're local, I will count, roll and take your coppers to the bank for you! If you're not local, I probably can't be everywhere at once, so count them and roll them, and then send the sum to the following link:

The Coming Home Community Project on LoveGlobal. That way you can see exactly where your pennies will be spent and how.

I will keep you posted on our progress!

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