WANTED: Dead & Alive

Kony_WantedHis regime has lasted for over 26 years.

He is accused of abducting or ordering the abduction and trafficking over 30,000 children.

His terror, rampages, and scourges have left over 440,000 people displaced – many still with no true place to call home.

He is one of the most wanted men in the world.

His name is at the top of the list when anyone whispers "child soldier".

He creates fear.

He lives in fear.

He creates terror.

His power is based on terror.

Kony… must… be… stopped.

Turning children into blood hunters and sex slaves are crimes so heinous, many of us want to wretch. Many of us want J.Kony dead. Perhaps he deserves to die. Would execution stop his reign of terror? How many disciples has he created?

You see, Joseph Kony believes he is under a divine mandate from God to do what he is doing. Finding and executing the man will accomplish little when powers greater than those we can see are at work here. Killing the man will put blood on our hands.

Saying that Kony is wanted dead is a natural reaction to the horrible things he has done. He's right up there with Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin… I understand personally the deep seeded desire to see "final justice" come upon this man with every fiber of my being. CHILDREN???? He takes his power from small children and turns them into his gun-toting, sex slave pawns?!!?!?


"Love your enemies…"

That was not a namby-pamby statement. That was Jesus Christ declaring a powerful love greater than the Rome of His day — a Rome that crucified on a whim, spat upon lesser humans, raped, pillaged, plundered, and took what they wanted when they wanted it.

And Jesus deeply, truly, truth-FULLY loved Rome…

Yes, I want Kony found and brought to justice for what he has done. But for true justice to happen, in my mind, I must first check my spirit and ask: "Do I love this man? Do I love this enemy?"

Anger shouts at me that I do ont. He doesn't deserve it.


He doesn't.

But Jesus wants him alive. Fully alive. In mind, body, spirit and truth.

It's like saying: "Jesus loves Hitler". HERESY! How could we spew such tripe?!

Anyone who has watered down the love of Jesus Christ to simply a repentance of sins has neglected to discover the power, the overturning of sin, the lifelong upheaval it wreaks upon all of us. Encounter Jesus truly, and you will know that the warm fuzzies are not a part of the plan.

Part of God's justice is compassion, and vice versa. They cannot be separated. If we are going to make a separate class for "the really bad people", then we deny the power of love exemplified on the cross. Only this Love can draw Kony from his spiritually bound, heinous state. Only this Love will compel on-the-ground workers in Uganda, the DRC and other African nations. Only this Love can sustain a global movement to pursue peace and healing as well as Kony's discovery, and subsequent trial.

And only this Love can direct our motives and attitudes as we prepare to see this man face to face.

So which will it be?

Will we meet hatred with hatred?

Or will we lay down our instinct for more blood, and meet hatred with sky-cracking, earth-shattering love that leaves no human being intact?

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