Coming Home Goes LIVE!!

Erin and JudyAre you as excited as me and little Judy here? Judy is one of the incredible children I met while in the Philippines this past summer. Living in intentional community with her mom, she plays each day with the other children at YWAM Olongapo, while her mom learns lifeskills, helps with discipleship, and lives as an example of a woman being freed from slavery.

Can this happen in Canada?

You bet!

The Coming Home Community is seeking to begin formal groundwork — Edmonton, Alberta. Want to be part of it? Want to know more? Want to see how community can become family for those youth who have been exploited right in our own country? Check out: The Coming Home Community Project on This Global Village.

Tara Teng, this year's Miss Canada 2011, is being a terrific champion for this fledgling crazy experiment, but it's awesome to have her on board! Thank you, Tara!

What now?

Got a website, but what else?

You can donate through This Global Village and receive a charitable tax receipt. We need over $27,000 between now and December 2012 to lift this project off the ground. 90% of what you donate will be put towards CH's budget, and 10% goes towards This Global Village's technical and administrative costs.


Shoot me an email! Would love to hear from you!

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