Lonely? Just Buy a Wife from The Bear

You may have heard by now that Edmonton's 100.3 The Bear radio station as launched is new promo: "Win-A-Wife" contest. Those of you following the UGR probably know my stand already. Honestly, this was just so ludicrous and shallow that I wasn't even going to respond, but then I hesitated… that's just it: it's shallow. It is so entertainment oriented and so driven towards a great big "HAHA!" that men and women around Alberta are telling naysayers to "Shut up already!"

Reasons why this is a fun contest:

1. Russian brides are consenting.

2. It's just for fun.

3. The same thing happens on The Bachelor and Bachelorette TV shows, or Who Wants To Marry A Millionare?

4. If an Italian stallion were being hung out as meat for girls to apply for, there would be no outcry.


It makes me sad that people are just that shallow and selfish that they would laugh off a dehumanizing and depraved radio promo involving the purchase of a human life.

1. I have little tolerance for mail-order bride services. Consent from the women, in my practical experience, is driven by desparation to feed family, escape abuse, or save their children. This completely modifies the definition of consent. Men lining up to take their pick is simply boorish. While I was in the Philippines – a hub known for its sex trafficking, including mail-order brides – the dominant mindset was: "You rich people are the ones driving this business. We will not be pimps of our own women."… perhaps we need to take a very blatant hint.

2. Our definition of entertainment is at an all-time low. I've never liked or appreciated dehumanizing shows like the Bachelor, so promos like the Bear's, to me, is not 'just for fun'. Marriage is mocked, intimacy is dragged through the mud, joy and fun (in their truest forms) are mangled by a group of people who think laughing at lonely men and desperate women is hysterical.

3. We let TV and other shows or programs define what's appropriate or not? Seriously? We let The Bachelor become our baseline for what's acceptable? Who else here spots the serious and dangerous flaw in this logic? We finger point at other flesh-selling programming and figure "Well gosh darn it! It's okay for us too!"

4. If the genders were reversed, you bet there would be an outcry — this voice being one of them. Only we would be shouted down as "kill-joys", "feminints", "uptight-sexually-ignornant throwbacks from the Victorian era".

What's happened is that our culture is so fat with entertainment that when people call it into question, the world simply yells back: "It's just for fun! Quit getting your panties in a knot!"

But that's just the point. Our shallow, insignificant forms of entertainment seem to fill us but are actually causing a good deal of harm. If we're okay with that, then we need to be equally as ready to take the consequences for acting like self-absorbed morons. For me, I'd rather we wake up now and see how much damage we're doing, pull back and perhaps choose a little more wisely the type of things that make us laugh or fulfill us — before another life of any culture is bought just to make a lonely Albertan boy happy in bed.

Anyone have a good or legitimate reason that this contest ought to continue?

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