This Post is Definitely NOT About the Van Riot (some of it)

Vancouver riots 2011  (pic from Vancouver

I'm a pacifist. I do not believe violence will solve oppressive situations. But I understand the impulse behind it, and its logic. Libya, Syria, Egypt (present day)… Bucharest, Moscow, Tiananmen Square (historical)… are only a few examples of violent and non-violent protests to demand freedom… food… education… LIFE.

Rioting over a shiny cup because the hometown team didn't win is nothing more than a giant temper tantrum. Shameful. With all that is happening in our world that requires true attention and love, Canadians had no right to do what they did. But some did it anyway and mocked those people truly standing for their lives in our global village. So in that sense, it was not about 'Nuck fans but the fans took it anyway.

Ethical question, though: police are asking all people who took photos, videos, and what not to send them in so law enforcement can identify the rioters.

Mob mentality.

If you were standing by cheering on the rioters, turn yourself in. You are just as guilty as the rioters themselves. If you were standing by, cheering them on while taking pictures — see the previous statement. If you were standing by taking pics, knowing it was wrong but doing nothing to help…

Answer if for yourself.

How many people does it take to film a riot while the rioters do even more damage?

Just a question.

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