Poor Journalism Leads to Lumping

Brendan_oneill (photo from theguardian.uk)

Well, it would seem this little piece of The Underground Railroad has made its way across the pond. Brendan O'Neill (seen above) from the UK's Telegraph somehow stumbled across my blog about Toronto's Slutwalk and tagged it into his own little piece of work.

Like me, he is not too impressed with Slutwalk, but I was singularly unimpressed (though not shocked) that he took my words out of context, forgot to follow up with other pieces I and other people had written, and painted things to appear that I stood hand-in-hand with all of what SlutWalk promotes. It's amusing in a way, but sad.

So I was lumped in with all of the SlutWalk crowd — that 3rd wave of feminism that is be bandied about. He has his shorts in a bunch when I lumped cat calls and wolf whistles into the same category as rape. According to O'Neill, women ought to feel complimented when men offer univited gestures of sexuality.

Hmmmm… anyone else out there feel complimented when a buffoon makes public comments about your breasts or butt?

Yet hold on now. We perhaps ought to hear the man out. Read his arguments. Fairly listen to his stand.

Heard. Read. Listened.

Sorry, O'Neill. Do your research on the level of sexual violence in our world today (properly this time), and how much of it begins with cat calls and wolf whistles. Your desire to show all women your sexual bravado is… what was that? Sorry, O'Neill. The phone rang. Couldn't hear your little bravado over the ring.

But I'm not sorry about your poor journalism skills, poor research skills, and lack of understanding. That is your choice to be ignorant under all that machismo. It's true I'm just a puny, one-gal blogger from Canada; nothing in comparison to a Telegraph's noted celebrity. Yet you tagged my blog into your column. And you did it out of context to paint your own world.

Next time, maybe ask a few more questions about whose material you are posting before publishing a poor piece. You might just begin to sound credible.

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