Organ trafficking: ‘Her heart was missing’ – Features – Al Jazeera English

Organ trafficking: 'Her heart was missing' – Features – Al Jazeera English.

How much would you pay for the life of a loved one? For yourself?

How much is your body worth when your family is starving?

The sex trade garners a lot of attention when talking abolition, and right well it ought to. The often quoted global percentage of victims being used for sexual purposes, whether they were purchased for those intentions or not, is 70%. That is obscenely high.

Yet people must also deal truthfully and fully with other faces of slavery. The organ trade is lucrative, tempting, dangerous, and quite real. When people are faced with situations where they or their loved ones are dying because of kidney or heart failure, and the waiting list for a transplant is simply too long… well… desperate times call for desperate measures. Especially for those able to cough up the cash, there is a way to take what is needed.

The above article link gives a brief snapshot into the reality of the organ trade. In my mind, after going through it (as well as some other material), it is another example again of the rich getting richer and the poor getting… death. 

You see, with sex trafficking, even lower income cultures/families can play a part in the demand side of things. Poor farmers, unable to pay workers, take children in as a 'favour' to even poorer families and make them work the land (see my blog re: resteveks).

Poor people can't pay for organ transplants, let alone basic medical care.

Whether the harvesting of organs is consensual or not by the donors, this is a blatant example of those with money taking what is not theirs to purchase. This unique face of slavery must not be overlooked in the fight against human trafficking and the pursuit of Christ's compassion and justice.

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