World Slave Prices Up?

Debt bondage up
Watching the news today and seeing prices at the pumps steadily climbing higher and higher, I couldn't help but wonder: will the inflation see greater debt bondage for slaves around the world? Or will slavery become too expensive a trade to deal in?

Just a quick recap: debt bondage is the term used to refer to the real/perceived debt a slave owes the handler (pimp, recruiter, head hunting agency, company, factory owner). When someone is taken into slavery through coercion or deception, it costs money: food, clothing, drugs (often given for 'free' as a gesture of goodwill in love bombing), cell phones, expensive gifts, airline tickets, visas, passports, and other such expenses. Make no mistake about it, however, these expenses rarely add up to the enormous debt handlers make the slaves believe they owe.

On the other than, world food prices are rising (World Food Prices Hit Record High). I live in a rather isolated town in Canada, although not so nearly as isolated as some, but it can affect prices of food and other essentials because it all needs to be transported that much further.

Fuel prices are also hitting where it hurts (Rising Fuel Prices Hurting Poor, UN Conference Told). Now, more than ever, Canadians really need to think strategically about how and when they will use their vehicles, reconsider public transportation, car-pooling, and old-fashioned walking. However, guaranteed airlines are being affected. I, myself, tried to purchase a plane ticket 2 days ago at the posted website price. Each time I clicked on the cheapest fare, it rose by $500 by the time it was verified.

All this to say: if we're feeling the pinch, then I'm wondering if those trafficking people are too (or at least using it as an excuse to raise debts)? If it's costing the rest of the world more for food, fuel, living expenses, travel and identity documents, then just how much more will debts be raised? How much longer will people have to slave for nothing in order to buy their freedom?

I don't want to discount the possibility that some traffickers will not have found the flesh trade as lucrative as before, and will leave the racket entirely. However… I have my doubts. With rising prices, companies will be looking for ways to cut costs and pimps will have another exuse to raise their prices. Sadly, people will pay them. Increases in poverty will also exacerbate vulnerability to the slave, opening up the supply side of the market.

This is just one gal's opinion, but from where I stand it would seem the potential for longer terms of debt and increased slavery is more than a hypthetical situation. It would appear to be a dangerous reality.


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