So A Missionary and a Beggar Walked into a Bar…

Erin at Senior High Youth Retreat 2011

… and she turned out to be one person, and she said "Ouch!"

Okay, readers, that was my sad attempt at humour-with-depth. But I do tend to be somewhat clumsy, and walking into a bar/wall/light post/chest of drawers/car/corner/alien-from-outer-space is never far out of the question.

If you've been following this blog, you'll know my passion and calling to serve those in slavery, empower those who can do something about it, and to glorify God above all things in this journey. Part of my journey right now is taking me to Olongapo City in the Philippines for 5 weeks with YWAM.

And this missionary/beggar needs a bit of help to make it happen.

I'll be assisting YWAM as the staff empower women exiting the sex trade, engaging in red light district evangelism, building social and spiritual capital, and learning to live in intentional community (a lesson, I believe, will be vital to our Canadian way of life upon return).

I estimated the total cost of the trip to be $5000.00 CDN, but today there was an unforeseen rise in airline tickets so I need raise the needed amount to $5700.00. Members of my church have been gracious in helping me out, as well as family and friends. If God's leading you to lend a hand to this missionary gal, email me privately with your information. Know up front that I am going as a guest of YWAM, meaning I cannot give you a tax-deductible receipt. 

Ahhh… the best part of being a missionary/NPO worker: financial humility. 

The updates about the trip will far more interesting, I assure you!

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