War Is Not A “Humanitarian Effort”

Libyan war 
(picture from UK The Mirror, 2011)

Canada has gone to war. Again.

To make war more palatable to us, we call it a "humanitarian effort" — we are saving people's lives.

For the believer, this is repulsive. Calling ourselves peacemakers does little to shine the thin veneer on our forces allying with the West yet again, engaging in battle where too many die needlessly.

Oh sure, our armed troops do good things too.

What I don't understand is why these troops do not simply add themselves to the number of peace activists around the world who are stopping bloodshed without bloodshed? Why the guns? Why the bombs? Have we no trust at all in the power of peace that passes all understanding? Are we that afraid of men like Gaddaffi that we must retaliate not just 'in-kind', but above and beyond with a storm of violence that has shown itself repeatedly to be unjust, immoral, blood-thirsty, and wrong?

Saying such things makes one "anti-patriotic" or "ungrateful" or "offensive" to those brave men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice. Yes, our troops do more than just engage war. Truly, they do. Yet they are trained and armed for a purpose — war. Last time I checked, the Ultimate Sacrfice has already been paid, so especially for the believer, losing one's life is not the ultimate sacrifice because Jesus Christ made that once for all. Not only that, but losing one's life for a country rather than his/her First Love is a reversal of priorities. We are not defending helpless people… we are defending national self-interest, and we make the other side act as the sacrifice.

For an insightful perspective of the precision of new war and smart bombs, check out:
Smart Bomb Hype and the Christian Conscience, by Derrick Crowe.

Then there's Darfur…



Injustices that overwhelm the spirit occur here in these places (and many more) every day, but little is reported. Our "humanitarian efforts" appear to be focused on countries where our political and financial interests lie.

And we call this humane?

We are not fighting for freedom or democracy. We are assisting massacre. What would happen if our military efforts were truly focused on endeavours of true justice and freedom in these forgotten places of the world without a gun being raised?

We would not know. All we know is the gun.

Guns win wars.

Wars are justified.

Mad men must be stopped.

People… we are the mad men. And we must be stopped.

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