Better Than A Hallelujah

My dangerous loverboy 
(image taken from "My Dangerous Loverboy")

A friend sang this song in church on Sunday. I love it. Sung by Amy Grant, it's refrain is the song of the broken. In an age where laments have been suppressed, tears condemned, and compassion often overlooked, we do not know how to lament as a people together. It's best left as a solo engagement with God, by ourselves… when we need other people the most.

David was explicit in his laments to God… couches soaked with tears, anger wishing for his enemies dead, his bones being ground. What happened to us? Did suddenly all the bad in the world stop?


Amy Grant knows this well. She divorced her husband (Gary Chapman) and remarried Vince Gill. For or against her actions, she has lived with the anger and lash of many Christians for being an adulteress. The song does not speak to the "right-ness" or "wrong-ness" of what happened. She simply sings of her brokenness… and how God delights in our honesty, repentance, forgiveness and laments. Without grieving our tears before Him, how will we ever know His forgiveness, healing, and restoration? We won't.

I sing this on behalf of my inadequate life. This life, among others, called to set the captives free and yet the demand for slavery keeps growing. I sing this song on behalf of those singing it already in the hidden places where enemies keep them chained away. I sing this song on behalf of all people who are hurting, wounded, accused, condemned… and believe God does not want to hear about it.

I sing this because this is one of those ever-growing Songs from the Undergound… rising up from the bereft and forgotten, to the waiting, holy and loving ears of God.

He longs to hear about it.

Bring yourself to Him. He's already here.

And for those who cannot hear or see because they are being used and abused and hidden away for the pleasures and oppression of other people, we will bring you. You are heard. You are loved.


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