Northern Freedom

The MAUS 2011 Residency is at an end already. All that prep, expectation, hope and work… finished. At 32, adults are expected to have at least a modicum of sense. I seemed to have lost all of mine. 

Separation anxiety?



Surrounded by people who speak truth, love God, and want to change the world, suddenly… the world does not seem so formidable a foe. Most of these classmates live in Philly or the surrounding area. Some live a few states away. A couple are even from Toronto.

I feel as if I'm returning to the frontier of the world. 

For one week… one intense, overwhelming, crazy, upside-down week I felt I was where I was maybe meant to be. I maybe couldn't live in such close quarters all the livelong day with everyone (the introvert in me is screaming), and I certainly couldn't afford to live in a hotel forever (my bank account is screaming), but… there was unity of mind, heart and spirit. And I am going home alone. I feel so far away… just when perhaps the week was working a wonder in all of us… just when I thought maybe… maybe… I wouldn't have to return? I could stay with the Truth-Speakers, Curse-Breakers, God-Lovers, with our laughter, life and light.

Yes… there's FB and Twitter and Skype. Thank you, God, for social media. But proximity and touch, I'm discovering, are lifebloods for humans. Sometimes FB just ain't enough.

But in the far north, it will have to be just that.

So I look up to the sky… fingers on the moon tonight in Philly, and in my mind I see my beloved northern lights dancing in the northern night sky. I move myself to the freedom up there and suddenly, I am anywhere. Not a safe practice to do, especially when your presence is demanded in the present. But on nights like this where goodbyes mean thousands of miles, and friends are the passing memories called up for comfort, it is safe enough.

World changers must be planted and called from all over the world — America to Malawi, to the vast stretching north of Canada. And if that means there's only one… there is only one.



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