Good Friends, Good Times


Slavery is a word riddled with dark connotations, no? Of course it is. But it is there to be faced nonetheless. 

I cannot fight it alone. You cannot fight it alone. No one can.

Right now, I am at the beginning of my second residency at Eastern University in Philadelphia. I arrived worn out… that's putting it mildly. Yet the moment I was in the presence of other world changers, God-lovers, and justice and compassion pursuers, life took on a new vitality.

I miss this.

I need this.

Laughing so hard over the smallest thing, speaking truth into one another's lives, planning how we're all changing the world this very second (such inspiration!), is relationship no one can replicate… but we have authenticated it.

Our very friendships demolish strongholds… our common Lover and holy God draws us as a force to face powers and principalities… and our laughter is from the gut.

Look out world.

You're about to be overhauled… again.

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