God is Not a Conservative

Politics of jesus button
Can you keep a secret? God is not a Liberal, either. 

With a wry smile, I know some people will be aghast at the very title of the blog post. God NOT a conservative? 

Oh it gets better…

God's not a fundamentalist either.

While some of you care for your racing heartbeats, let me explain. In light of what is happening in the world, civility in politics and religion have become tense and in some cases evil. Schisms wrench brother from sister, all in the name of claiming God as their figurehead.

God was around long before the Wigs and the Grits… long before. He was around long before the Pharisees and the Sadducees. He was around long before bin Laden, and long before Hitler. He was around before Harper and yes… even Obama.

When confronting issues of slavery, you will come up against homelessness, poverty, illiteracy, STI's, LGBT issues, guns/arms issues, drugs, violence and more. Peel back the surface even further and you'll come up against exactly how you approach these issues… and we place ourselves on manmade spectrums of political and religious stands that we use not only to define who we are, but who the "wrong people" are.

God is the God of the just and the unjust. Before you liberal believers start thinking of the unjust as gun-toting rednecks, and you fundamentalists start pointing fingers at hippies… everyone take a breath. If we're honest, many of us have become our own unjust examples of what Christ was warning us about. 

If we don't work with who is in power, we won't work at all. If we do not learn to express some civility towards one another, we dishonour God. Period. Yes, there's accountability, but not in mud-slinging or screeching. I speak from experience, having had my share of outrages and the backlash the comes with them. Some things I've said I've had to take back, eat and dwell on the bitter aftertaste. Other things were rightfully said, but came with a price. I had to stand alone.

I've been called too liberal for my own good, and as one wandering away from good doctrine. Of course, people warn me "in love" (is there any other way to criticize?). Strangely enough, I've been told I'm far too fundamental to be able to love the unloveable (suggesting all fundamentalists don't love the marginalized?). I'm not tolerant enough. I've been called many things, mostly by Christians trying to peg me in a place where they feel good about accepting me or not.

Here's the word, folks: I'm not anything humanity calls me. I am called by Christ and I am His child.

Conservative fundamentalists, open your ears to listen that liberal socialists might just be likewise called by God too… as beloved children.

Liberal believers, you too open your ears to honest dialogue to hear out the more conservative people who may have a wealth of knowledge built on real experience.

The way I see it, we've been doing a whole of yelling and finger-pointing (literally a curse upon someone according to Isaiah 58), and not nearly enough listening and agreeing to come together. We cannot stand against slavery when we refuse to see the other in love, compassion and the Spirit, even if we disagree. It will never end because our stubbornness will keep us from one another.

Transformation will not come through evangelical circles nor liturgical circles. It will not come through a particular party in power. Transformation will come through the Spirit of the Almighty God who, incidentally, created each and every one of us. He calls us to His side, not we ourselves.

God is above our own pride. Let's join Him, shall we?

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