Shock Investigation: Planned Parenthood Advises on Underage Sex Trafficking, Secret Abortions for Minors

<span style="color: red">Shock Investigation: Planned Parenthood Advises ‘Pimp’ on Underage Sex Trafficking, Secret Abortions for Minors</span>.

Planned Parenthood, one the largest family planning organizations in the North America, has been accused of many things: racial bias, murder, lies. The article above claims a pro-life investigative organization exposes Planned Parenthood staff as supporting and facilitating methods for pimps and prostitutes to continue their work in sex trafficking.

I've never hidden my pro-life stance. The rights of the mother are valid, but so are the rights of the child.

My concern grew in reading many of the comments the article had posted beneath the original piece. Commentators were turning the issue into one of republican v. democrat, conservative v. liberal, life v. choice.

Whether or not this video is true in its entirety, edited correctly without bias, and shows precisely what took place is the responsibility of Life Dynamics. Assuming their integrity is intact, and this is not simply finger pointing, this could potentially expose one of the more heinous outcomes of the modern slave trade: legal and social counsel and services providing support for the slave trade to continue.

Let me be clear too: What the staff member said in the clips shown was wrong, deceitful and immoral in any capacity. This was not full disclosure or wise counsel, regardless of her abortion stance. The woman was in the wrong. I say this because it is all too easy for pro-lifers to let things slide as well in order to get the argument out — the end justifies the means, so to speak.

If Planned Parenthood is creating ways for organized crime members to service trafficked children, it needs to be held accountable not only for the lives of enslaved children, but also the lives of the unborn children within their bodies. 

For those reading this post, I would advise a counter-movement of love and radical intervention. Is there cause for anger here? Most certainly! Does Planned Parenthood need to be held accountable? Indeed! But I would implore everyone not to forget the lives of the young mothers in the middle of this quagmire or their children. They need love, support, healing and compassion. This isn't a "conservative versus liberal" riot house. This is an opportunity to choose to love no matter where you fall on the religious or political spectrum.

We stand for justice and compassion, as Jesus did (and does). The two must never be mutually exclusive.

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