Just Like The Olden Days…

Anne of green gables

When the lights went out this afternoon… and the fridge… and the freezer… and the INTERNET, I have to admit, I was in a bit of a dither. How was I going to get my homework done? How was I going to cook dinner? How was I going to stay warm?! But MOST importantly…

… what the heck was I going to do with myself for the rest of the night?

As I wandered around my basement suite using what daylight was left to me (which is precious little down here), gathering candles and candle holders, I was reminded again of my utter reliance on technology and my gluttony for its power to entertain. 

As I lit my candles and my little home took on a soft, rosy glow, things began to calm down. I bathed quietly by candlelight (I had been previously working out, so it was either combine the last vestiges of daylight and candles, or stink); I gathered my journal, Bible and books to spend time with God; I knew a cheese sandwich and an apple for supper would be quite sufficient; and I thanked God for blessing me with books that would honestly spend my time well throughout the evening. 

Preparing for my time with God, the lights came back on. And you know what? I was a tad sad. I was ready for a quiet, albeit chillier, evening using what was at hand in the company of God.

So aside from the fact that as soon as the lights came on, I just HAD to run to the computer and blog about my little revelation, take from this that yes: it is possible to live on less, and to deal without things that maybe are taking up too much of our time.

Coming Home/Sanctuary House will be designed in physicality and in faith around living on less.

Maybe tonight was a reminder of that for me.

And yes… the candles are staying lit tonight.

(and the Anne and Gilbert picture was not only inserted to illustrate the point, but because since I was little I've always adored Meagan Follow's rendition of Anne Shirley. Gilbert's just plain dreamy!!)

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