Against the Wall? Must Mean the Devil’s Got Your Back…


I think we give Satan far too much credit.

As soon as bad things start to happen in evangelical Christian circles, it has become almost liturgical to pronounce: "We are in the throes of spiritual warfare."

Anyone want to start singing Jordan Sparks "Get Your Armour"? Anyone…?

When there is uncertainty or hurt amongst the people, division within leadership, or obstacle after obstacles, Satan is credited with launching direct attacks against us, certain upon our failure and doom. Considering that God might be sending the torment is something one hardly dares breathe amongst church people. Ludicrous!

Take Paul.

II Corinthians.

10:13 says that no temptation has seized us where God will not provide a way out. This one passage has been so warped today that it has us believing that God will never, ever, EVER bring anything AT ALL into our lives that we ourselves cannot handle. The last time I checked, the passage speaks ONLY to temptation… not to natural disasters, consequences of other people's choices, or God's holy choice. Temptation. That's it.

Take Paul again.

And II Corinthians once more.

Chapter 12… God sent Paul a messenger from Satan so that Paul wouldn't become conceited. Not a holy angel, not a trusted "accountability companion", but a bona fide satanic messenger whose piercings into Paul's life were far better for him, according to God, than the sin of conceit.

God sends pain.

People make choices.

The are powers and principalities in our world we cannot see, comprehend or understand that are at war.

There are indeed battles of higher quality than any soldier will fight on earth.

In order for us to confront slavery, and other evils of the world, we need to live and accept the presence of God's control of evil — it is still in His specific, perfect, compassionate, control… and on a VERY short leash. We hate admitting this, as this means we must accept God's allowances for all the evil in the world.

Bob Ekblad in his Reading the Bible with the Damned (2005) points out that the Bible never explains evil. It merely introduces it. First all is perfect. Then, the serpent appears. I can't answer the eternal questions of good and evil here… more specifically why men trade money for the flesh of children, or why Christians have such a difficult time changing their lifestyles even after seeing the destruction they're causing to others around the world.

What I DO know is this… instead of crediting the devil with every thorn, spear, or feather-ruffling, perhaps consider God is providing a prophetic opportunity to shape us, grow us… and love us.

The devil is just a fallen angel that can only be in one place at one time and is at the mercy of God. His fate is sealed. Don't give him more than what he has or blame him for a gift God is placing at your feet.

Accept that you cannot handle everything.

Accept that not all tragedy and brokenness is caused by the devil.

Accept that pain and suffering can show the power and love of God in your life and the lives of the people around you.

Accept that God loves you. 

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