Are YOU Smarter Than a 6th Grader???

Smarter than a 6th grader

I spoke to a gregarious and enthusiastic bunch of Scouts tonight, each being in Grade 6 or 7. When I asked them: "Who knows what the term human trafficking means?", one feisty young fellow shot up his hand and without delay announced: "Human trafficking is when people buy other people in bad ways to make them do bad things!"

I was floored with the near-perfect answer from an 11 year old!

When I asked the group: "How do you all know this?", the entire group yelled back at me:


When I picked myself up off the floor after laughing so hard, they proceeded to tell me how they were learning about global issues in school and Nike was a case study where human trafficking was an problem. Thanks to the schools in Plamondon and Lac La Biche! Learning about the modern slave trade in class is a big and important step to ending it for good.

Kudos to the young Scout troop! I have spoken with adult groups who know less, and believe less, than you!

It almost broke my heart when they learned how their cell phones got made… those shining knowledgeable faces horrified! Okay the broken heart was possibly a smirk… maybe a giggle… but only just a little. 😉

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