December 10 Comes But Once A Year

Erin and Katie
Katie would be 6 years old this year. I imagine her with those dark eyes, bright and lively, and braids in her hair, playing with brothers and sisters.

The moment I walked onto the ward and stood staring at her empty crib was one of the most horrible moments in my entire life. December 10, 2004. My heart stopped, my skin went cold, my brain froze, and I couldn't swallow. Even remembering the shock of that moment brings a good deal of pain. I don't like remembering it. But to forget it is to forget all of Katie's life, and this I won't do.

It's been a long journey giving over Katie's precious life to God. Whether alive or dead, with a healthy family or on the streets of Bucharest, I know she's eternally loved… an altogether precious daughter of the King. He's her Father, and I rest in the fact that her Abba rejoices of her with singing and quiets her with His love. 

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