Black Friday: Because More = Better

Black friday
Cheap prices = more presents under the tree. 2 for 1 brand name T-shirts… half priced electronics… 

We're being thrifty right? Saving cash AND buying all sorts of happy little trinkets for ourselves and loved ones! 

Black Friday is aptly named. I see no justice, mercy or love in this holiday whatsoever… people lining up at 5am (or earlier) to shove their way into stores to get what they want for themselves while spending dollars that go back into an equally violent supply chain. Jesus Christ entered the world for this?

I wonder how the factories like the Garib and Garib Sweater Co., celebrates Black Friday in Bangladesh? I wonder how they celebrate this bounteous day in China? Or Honduras?

Oh I forgot… the $1/day is better than nothing. If we didn't consume like we did, they'd starve. The slaves that aren't paid at all or allowed to even leave their factory workplaces aren't even thought of. Not our problem if countries treat their people like trash. But it's ok for us for keep them in the poverty cycle.

Aren't we so benevolent?

Black friday 02

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