Getting Rid of the Halloween Overdose

Halloween candy

Okay people… in response to numerous emails, posts, questions, and FB posts, here's my take on Halloween.

1) make this year the year to say "Enough's enough. Halloween is obese with candy we don't need and yet in the name of fun, we do it anyway." Halloween is done and gone for 2010, but pursue a change in mindset for 2011: having fun without it being at the expense of the lives of others. 

2) give back ALL that candy you know your kids (and you) will never get through until this time next year. And don't lift it off to some poor little children who might like a taste of it. Mail it back to the companies that made the chocolate bars, lollipops, gum and everything that includes cocoa and sugar — two big ticket items on the slave trade list. If Nestle and Hersheys are going to change, they need to know that one of their biggest moneymakers — annual Halloween gluttony — will not be tolerated anymore. 

3) Believers can argue back and forth about who should/should not celebrate Halloween; but whether we celebrate or not, to ignore the reality of child labour, debt bondage, generational slavery and labour trafficking occuring in the making of the treat we demand with our dollars is unacceptable. To claim theological correctness while at the same time declaring that standing against injustices we are a part of is not of the Gospel turns any theological stand on Halloween moot. Pagan roots or not, people are dying because of the sin of consumerism. To celebrate or not to celebrate is your choice, but both choices still demand we speak out for the lives of those being exploited for goodies we do not need.

Kids — adults, too — are not to be dying because cute little goblins and gremlins and fairy princesses show up at our doors and look sweet for sweets. 

Like Christmas commercialism, if we're going to complain about Halloween overdosing, then it's time to do something about it. No more talk. Take action.

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