Metro – Ruling won’t keep women safe: Former sex workers

Metro – Ruling won’t keep women safe: Former sex workers.

Hear Katarina's story. Consider her words very carefully.

Canadians need to understand that legalization will promote violence, rape, trafficking and abuse. It would be like a warm petri dish, ripe for bacteria to infect the vulnerable. A small vocal minority wants legalized prostitution so they can sell their sexual wares at will. Yet they refuse to see the majority of sex trade workers who are beaten, spit on, forced into acts they never agree to… all in legal establishments. Yes, there are acts of violence that occure out in the streets, in darkened alleyways and in the backs of cars. But we need to be very clear that the violence does not begin or end there.

It happens everyday in places that are legal, inspected, and zoned.

Creating more of a legal space for the selling of sex is creating a certain oppression for men, women and children. Canadians need to begin to understand the reality of the sex trade, how it functions, and who accesses it. By further understanding the process of it all, I would hope not so many citizens would jump on board the legalization band wagon.

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