Get it Together, Canadian Libs!

Csec 01
I am so angry I could spit! Being an emancipated woman, I am free to do so and just did. 

The Canadian Liberals and the New Democrats are ever and always trying to keep their lusts satiated by making sure their access to prostitution is free and open. By claiming that legalized prostitution for sex trade workers is safe and economically stimulating (is that what they're calling erections these days?), and saying that the New Zealand's model of legalization is working, they have criticized MP Joy Smith's proposal to follow the Swedish model (one where the working girls would have support, but the johns would be penalized). Forget women being seen as equals. We're still just sex toys.

The Grits and NDP claim that by taking the abolitionist standpoint (the one I ascribe to), we would be pushing the sex trade underground. They claim there is no research to back up Sweden's model, yet do not mention any proof of that lack of research, nor do they present any credible research of their own in regards to the New Zealand model.

We claim that by legalizing prostitution, THIS would drive sex trafficking underground. Only legal citizens with clean health records and stable mental states could be sex trade workers, and still the johns get off (yup) because only the sex trade workers would be demanded to meet that criteria (and more). The majority of sex trade workers are violated, exploited, abused, at-risk of disease or already infected, and are not in possession of legal papers. A fraction of sex trade workers could perhaps be kept safe and it is for this tiny minority that the Opposition wants their access to sexual services. If you want hardcore research, check out Viktor Malarek's books or Ben Perrin's new book and judge for yourselves.

The Opposition give no thought to the victims of trafficking and prostitution. In fact, Liberal Justice critic Marlene Jennings was bright enough to try and separate the two completely. Once one does that, victims will fall through the cracks more than ever. Obviously, Ms.Jennings would like to continue to see the oppression of women and children in our country. Either that or she truly has not done so much needed homework.

Get it together, Liberals. You are enabling a country to destroy people's lives from victims to their families and the families of johns and on and on.

As my wise ol' Daddy used to say: Use your head for more than to think your ears apart.

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