People for sale in canada
Project SECLUSION is the 2010 outcome of the RCMP's investigation into the crime of human trafficking in Canada.

Dividing the issue of trafficking into its two broadest categories (sex and labour), the report is further broken down into regions of origin. While the report does have its limitations, recognizing the different forms of exploitation from different part of the world is crucial. 

I encourage you all to check it out and judge for yourself. It is evident by now that Canada is a part of the slave trade — source, transit and destination country. It is also a consumer country, meaning that Canadian purchase practices can and have the potential to aggravate other slavery practices around the world. 

SECLUSION's scope is Canada specific. It does not go into the issue of Fair Trade or who bought what conflict-free diamond or cell phone. It does focus on issues within our country based on 257 files found to have met the criteria of the research.

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