Power Perfected in Weakness



It started out as idea: the Salvation Army is holding is 5th Annual Weekend of Prayer to End Sex Trafficking and I thought "Why not pray for all forms of trafficking?"

So I did what any 21rst century Facebooker did. I created an event: Weekend of Fasting and Prayer to End Human Trafficking, September 24-26, 2010. I thought maybe 10 or 20 people would join me… 50 if a miracle happened.

At this second, there are 932 people scheduled to participate from all over the world. This does not include those who have emailed me privately saying they are participating but would rather not post it on FB, or do not use FB. My estimate is that there will be well over 1000 people praying over the issue of HT, plus the well-established prayer team from the Sally Ann speficially targeting sex trafficking.

Numbers do not = authenticity or effectiveness. We know that. But they do indicate a passion, a desire to engage The Hydra up front and in its face by bowing before Jesus Christ.

What do we pray for? The horror of it all seems endless!

First… we praise. There is only one price that has even been able to pay for humanity and that is the blood of Jesus Christ. This has been done. It is finished. We are standing against a defeated foe. This foe is evil and spreads poison wherever it goes, but its days are definitively numbered.

I've received emails about this event… how does one fast? Is fasting necessary? What does fasting mean? I will address these questions in a later post. Right now, I want to address some of the questions about the prayer aspect.

Does someone have to be in a church group or with others to do this? No. Where 2 or 3 are gathered, there will Christ be also. These are the words of Jesus, but Jesus also encourages us to pray in the closet… to come before the throne within the silence and holines of our aloneness.

Do I have to put my hands together? Not necessarily at all. Position your body however the Spirit tells you to do. While it is true that we are we are interceding for those in enslaved today, first and foremost we are acting out worship to the Almighty God. He is botht he Author and Subject of our praise and pray. If He says: "Bow"… bow. If He says "Raise your arms and cry out"… do so. If He says "Be silent on your knees"… remain so. If He says "Come and meet me outside on the street corner and watch"… be vigilant.

In our weakened human state, the Holy Spirit shines all the more through sacrifices of praise. Such flowery words… what the heck do they mean?

They mean: Jesus wants us to come close to Him. Jesus wants our cries and petitions. He is our brother and co-heir. Yet He is also God and He comes first, and not the issue at hand. His love and His desire for us to grow intimate with Him means He directs how we come before Him… into His presence.

Blind obedience? 


Loving desire to serve our Lord and hear His heartbeat over an atrocity He needs His people to understand drives our life and prayer. It is not empty action nor is it theoretical rhetoric.

It is Love drawing His own to Himself, preparing a people for freedom. 

Want to join us?


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