Mexico’s Hydra

Home to some of the most violent gangs in the entire world, Mexico faces dire circumstances when challenging issues of human trafficking. The Hydra is strong here. As claimed in the article, the flesh trade is second only to narcotics in this part of the world. Tied as well to poverty, human smuggling, ransoms, illiteracy, and more –isms any one mind can feasibly keep track off, cutting off one head of the monster here certainly sees a regrowth of 2 more heads. Guaranteed they are stronger, quicker, and deadlier.

Is it hopeless?


We are never without hope. Slavery, and all its brother and sister heads, is exceedingly physically visible and tangible in this part of the world. It strikes at multiple points and people repeatedly. But the monster knows its days are numbered, being on the side of a defeated foe.

What do we do? A many-headed dragon needs a many-headed counterstrike. Spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, relational, political, communal… every aspect of who we are as human beings, being the objects of poison for the Hydra, needs to come around it, surround it, and strike… again, and again, and again.

From law enforcement training, to tattoo removal for gang members, to immigration reform, to addiction services, to victim support, to education, to parenting skills, to micro-loans, to cultural pride, to … teaching a little boy to read, and teaching him to teach his sister, and his sister teaching her friends… all levels, all arenas, all people must pull together and surround the monster. 

The poison within it is not an infinite well.

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