Van Stories II — The Great Room (‘We were really, really tortured’: Immigrant workers leave B.C. forestry camp)

'We were really, really tortured': Immigrant workers leave B.C. forestry camp.

Prayer vigil pic

Taken up to the Great Room, a refuge for women caught in the web of sex trafficking, we learned about the hideous faces of slavery, who the most vulnerable people are, and how it's happening in Canada. I saw many familiar faces — Trisha Baptie (finally met her in person! Such a blessing!), Ben Perrin, Timea Nagy, Victor Malarek, Michelle Miller (REED), and others who stand in the battleground that is slavery and proclaim an end to it all… with hope.

The article above was published days later… African workers allegedly held in atrocious conditions on a forestry work patch. Part of me was shocked at the discovery of their abuse and degradation, but I was more shocked at my sincere lack of shock.

It's here.

We are a part of the slave trade.

But through the intimate and wide-eyed prayers of youth in the Great Room on Saturday, August 07 2010, such evil will not stand for long. We know this fight has already been won. We know there is only one price that can redeem any human. We know there is hope. We know and plead for our brothers and sisters here in Canada and around the world for their freedom, for total victory over addictions that fuel the slave trade, for grace and redemption… we pray.

Oh we pray.

We spend ourselves in prayer until our spirits lie gasping alongside our fragile bodies. We spend ourselves until we believe there is nothing left to give… and then realize it is You, Spirit Living God, that propels us into Your throne room and groans with us when words cannot express.

Break the chains, dear God. Break the chains.

St francis of assisi prayer

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