Prayer for the Prisoner: CBC News – British Columbia – B.C. man gets 11 years for child sex tourism

CBC News – British Columbia – B.C. man gets 11 years for child sex tourism.

Kenneth klassen (photo courtesy of CTV news)

Kenneth Klassen has been tried and convicted of sex tourism and child pornography. He now stands to face 11 years in jail.

Dear Kenneth,

Your selfish lust and demeaning abuse has destroyed the lives of little girls around the world. You have disgraced them, stolen innocence from them, and used them to satisfy and enhance your own perverse hungers. While you will sit in jail, they will live what remains of their lives with your memory, your pain, your filth and your torture.

May your 11 years in prison go not unused.

May you be confronted with every single act of evil you have ever forced upon a child. The many millstones about your neck are set to drown you without a whimper from your throat. No one will dive into the empty waves after you.

May the absolute judgement and justice of God come upon you over and above the systems of humanity and the bars we have placed about you.


… as badly as I want to give into the blood lust rising in me…

… I pray you will see the dripping blood of Jesus Christ falling over each and every slithering heinous act you have ever committed, every disgusting and wicked thought that has ever crossed your mind, every wicked emotion that aroused so lustfully over those little girls. I pray you will come face to face with the Single Greatest Atrocity of All Time: the killing of Light and Innocence Himself.

But Death could not keep Him in the grave. Death died that day. Blood has covered even your abomination.

But you must accept this. You cannot save yourself, Kenneth Klassen. You cannot assuage what little remorse you feel over getting caught. Not only must you bear witness to your own actions, you must see how your life and sin caused the God of the world to come down, die, rise again, and hold out his scarred hands to you.

You deserve the fires of hell.

As do I.

But Jesus called me away from there. He called me home. Here now do I live, and will live forever.

Listen, Kenneth, listen to that Voice calling you to home.

I pray you would choose God's eternal grace and justice while sitting in prison. When you are released, I pray you would re-enter society a new man — one with a history that will never leave him and one who will always pick up his cross of consequences daily; but one that will live for truth, restitution and love rather than evil.

I am having a hard time loving you right now. It is only by the grace of God that I can pray as I do for you.

But you, yes even you, are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ who died once… for all. 


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