On To Level 3!!!

Nfs academy logo Equipping participants in the field of abolitionism using smart activism, open-source activism, field experience, in-class training, and the expertise of many authorities in the field, the Not For Sale Campaign Academy is in its second year of doing its part in ending trafficking. I was a member of the very first academy in its first year (May-June 2009), and can say with all honesty that it was some of the best training I have ever received. Through passing the two week program, I achieved a Level 1 Certification.

This summer (2010), I was planning on returning to San Francisco to complete my Level 2 training. Unfortunately plans for that didn't quite pan out, so developers and trainers of the Academy brought together an online method for achieving Level 2. There are 3 levels to be fully certified.

Just today I found that, because of my activities in this past year using the training from Level 1, I already qualify for Level 2! I am thrilled!

What's that mean, you may ask?

Basically, I am equipped to map, track, document and report signs of trafficking in my own community and overseas (if sent). I partner with law enforcement, explain who I am, Not For Sale's role, and go from there. It also has better equipped me when I go and do speaking engagements. I have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the roots and methods of the modern slave trade, as well as a larger network to be a part of.

I can't wait to work towards my Level 3! Thanks to all of you who have been such a support so far. And for those of you in the process of getting their Level 1, keep up the hard work! We need you!   

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