How Many Servants Does It Take to Screw in A Lightbulb?

Lightbulb The answer? (Oh just wait… it's so cliche, it will make you groan): none.

Being servants of the Light means never having to screw in lightbulbs.

Yeah, yeah… cheesy, I know. But there's a point to it.

There are so many people being lit on fire by Holy Spirit, and He's fueling that passion. But what happens when you put all these eager, itching servants in one room all wanting to serve One God in their very well-intentioned ways?

Mayhem. Holy mayhem.

Often conflict arises when passionate people want all the other passionate people to see things their way, jump on board and give their all for their specific way of serving the beloved Master. The glitch is, everyone else is feeling the same way. And when people don't feel supported in their eager desire to serve God, they often feel crossed, betrayed, isolated, and angry.

Believers need to let go of these things.

Yeah right.

Easier said than done.

We may as well go back to changing lightbulbs.

Seriously… have you looked at the world around you lately? It's not in terribly great shape. Not only are we to make disciplies of all nations, but are to be stewards of the earth, reflections of Christ, freedom-bringers to the oppressed, healers of the sick, fruit-bearers of the Spirit. An infinite God is quite capable of creating infinite opportunity to serve Him! If we begin to hold our eager passion a little more gently, a little more lightly, knowing that God will be faithful to bring about His plan in each of us… well… we then begin to feel a bit freer to support and build the dreams and passions of other servants. We are not so defensive (and I fully admit to struggling with this very emotion); we are not so territorial.

Yes, we need to be prepared to be said "No" to, and watch another servant's plans come to fruition before ours (or instead of ours). And that stings. That's humility in a box. But again, if we believe God to be the God He is, we will not be left behind!

There's plenty of God to go around. In fact, there's so much of Him, He will never end. We need not fear one another, and our desires to serve Him.

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