He Was Just A Customer: CBC News – British Columbia – B.C. sex-tourism case hears from defence

CBC News – British Columbia – B.C. sex-tourism case hears from defence.

Csec 01
Today not only am I ashamed to be Canadian, but I am ashamed to be an adult human being. Kenneth Klassen, charged with sex tourism, is using the defence that girls as young as eight years old were willing participants in his demand for CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children). His lawyers must be very hard up for a solid defence to be using such a disgusting argument in attempt to clear Klassen. 

"The lawyers argued Klassen was just a customer, buying sex from a well-established trade, and not the predator Crown prosecutors made him out to be." 
Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/07/23/bc-kenneth-klassen-sex-tourism-sentencing.html#ixzz0ucfaB3Id

The reprehensible practice of sex tourism and its popularity in developed countries is having more and more light shed on the issue — men and women going overseas and using vulnerable people, primarily children, for sexual frolics while on vacation. In countries where laws against CSEC are lax or unenforced, tourists are able to set up who they want to have sex with including: age, gender, hair colour, eye colour, virgin/not virgin, height, condom/no condom and the list goes on. What happens behind closed doors is nothing less than atrocious. Eight year olds are no match for grown men. Even if they protest against a particular sexual act, they are forced to perform it anyway or face severe violence from the customer or the pimp.

Canada has its share of sex tourists. It's a taboo topic though. No one in this fair country of ours would do such horrible things! And if the do, they are the exceptions… the deviants… the pedophiles. Let me ask you this: would Canada be facing such international pressure about cracking down on our sex tourists if we were only talking about exceptions? I think not.

Business people, doctors, lawyers, couples needing to spice up their sex lives… you name it, there is this mentality that "what happens in Thailand/Cambodia/Peru/Columbia/Vietnam/Ukraine/Holland/Germany/Hong Kong/, stays in…". They are another country's children. They aren't our responsibility if they come on to us. They want it. They ask for it. We're helping them by paying for their services. The taboo thrill is such a rush!

First let me clear once again about a point that cannot be stressed enough: there is no such thing as a child prostitute. Children do no choose that lifestyle. In Canada, we deem that until they are 16, children aren't even able to make sexual decisions for themselves. So how can we call such minors prostitutes if we have determined they cannot yet choose that to begin with? The proper term is CSEC.

Now, Canadians must stop being afraid to face sex tourism and shout loudly that we will not allow such behaviour from our fellow citizens. We will not tolerate it! Adults are the ones supposedly with the maturity and wisdom to make good choices, not to trounce about the planet, abusing other country's little children. It does not matter the laws of other countries or whether or not they are lax in enforcing protection of their vulnerable populations. Canadian adults know that children need to be safe, secure and protected.

Furthermore, believers — Canadians and fellow brothers and sisters around the world — know best how a Father loves His children. Sex tourism destroys His family and He will not tolerate it. He weeps with victims and their families; He seeks justice for all; and He moves in the spirits of those who can speak out for the ones whose voices we cannot hear. 

If you're planning a stag vacation thinking it's your right to have fun with anyone you take and pay for, think again. You are an abuser. You are choosing to hurt others and ignoring that fact because you feel oh-so-good on your fun romp. You will be stopped. You will be brought to justice. I pray, for your sake, that it is God's justice you face and not humanity's.

While God has the power of heaven and hell, He also has the justice of grace and transformation. Humanity has a long, sordid history of going out for blood. 

Either way, the world's children will be protected.

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