American Eagle Outfitters – Company Response to Forced Child Labor in Uzbek Cotton | International Labor Rights Forum

Company Response to Forced Child Labor in Uzbek Cotton | International Labor Rights Forum.

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Lots of you have been asking: "What companies are good to purchase from if so many are using slave labour?"

The article gives a list of companies that, according to the International Labor Rights Forum, are trying to stop the use of Uzbek cotton in their supply chains. Uzbekistan is the only country in the world known to use state-sanctioned slave labour, with the result being the production of 1/3 of the globe's cotton. Children have been proven to be used in the harvest of said cotton. People forced to work are not paid and face severe government sanctions if they do not cooperate.

Companies choosing to use ethically sourced cotton is massive, yet this is but one step, but it is a good step. And it is a step that needs to be held to and not walked back on. Our voices continuing to pressure clothing companies that we want no part in wearing the suffering of others is vital in the ongoing creation of a changed world. Cotton is a main staple of people worldwide.

Another great step would to tell these companies that ceasing to sanction and use physical slavery is great, but sexually-driven ads are simply another form of exploitation. American Apparel is facing just such a dilemma now: famous for their "slave-free guarantee", the company has drifted towards a seductive face on their ad campaigns, causing many to question why AA traded one evil for another.

Let's keep up our voices from the underground. Big companies are listening! And we need to keep them listening.

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