Child, You Lead Me


That's what the balance came to after the teller counted the nickels, dimes and pennies that slid out of the plain white envelope. A precise $28 to the cent.

Two very sweet little girls – sisters – once again had joyfully and delightedly given me their offering. I'm not a church, I'm not an organization, I'm not… anything. Yet here they were. If there was ever a lesson in humility, it would be this wonder of children leading blind adults.

How does one express the depth of that? For all the simplicity, the echoes resound with clarion ringings that will reach far beyond my puny bank account for ages to come.

I doubt these two truly understand what I am trying to do: end slavery, show God's love through empowering the rich to change their lifestyles so that those in bondage can know the freedom of Christ, and… well… some days it seems like God just tosses in anything else He has in mind for the day. I'm an abolitionist missionary. Jesus Christ is the beating heart of redemption.

Jesus Christ is also the Dancer with children.

Do these two know the teeming mass of other enslaved little ones they are helping by so happily giving of themselves? Probably not and, for now, their blissful innocence is more of a blessing here than knowledge. Knowledge and understanding will come soon enough. I am but a conduit. Those small coins belong to God – the same God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills – and He will see that children around the world in slavery will see His face, just like these two sisters do.

I recently quit a better paying job with full time hours, to take on a position I felt would allow me greater opportunity to minister to the marginalized, have time for grad school, and various other missional activities. It all sounded good until I got my first pay check. God squeezed my shoulder as I stared at the rather pitiful earnings and felt my stomach clench. Month-to-month living, no kidding…

But I have a Daddy who provides for every single need I have. The two little girls who gave me the $28 do not worry about where their next meal is going to come from. Mommy and Daddy have that covered! They do not fret over whether or not they have clothes to wear. Mommy and Daddy have taken care of that. They do not become anxious about having a roof over their sweet heads. Mommy and Daddy have thought of that too.

Do I have the same faith of these two?

Do I trust my Father enough to dance, laugh, sing and give, give, give, knowing He has every single need covered? Can I be as joyful, filled with wonder, curiosity, and eagerness to be close to Jesus without wringing my hands once over things already cared for?

Amazing what $28 can do.

Thank you.

Sisters holding hands

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