Borders and Time

World culture
When I was in San Francisco last year, I wandered down an alley beautifully accented with some of the most remarkable graffiti art that I had ever seen. One image showed a young man carrying a placard which read: "We didn't cross the borders. The borders crossed us." It was crying out against the crackdown on US immigration across it's southern border, but the protestor claimed his heritage existed long before those political lines were drawn. 

Immigration will always be a touchy, thorny issue amongst people of the West. Letting everyone in because we have the over-abundance of resources isn't the answer. Cracking down so hard that slavery and black markets skyrocket isn't the answer either. But for the Christian, it shouldn't matter. In the video below, Shane talks about his humbling experience meeting believers in Iraq. I recall similar talks in Romania. While it was not the birthplace of Christianity, many Romanians told me that we — those in the West — were the last great demonic stronghold. They would pray for us, plead before God for us, and hope for us that our love would not grow cold. Yet they were sad for us. They could see a great darkness hiding our light. Our pride was/is going before our fall, only it is our brothers and sisters around the world who are seeing it; and we staunchly refuse.

For some reason, we have a rather disturbing notion that we hold a tight monopoly on the Christian faith — resources, missionaries, schools, churches, freedom. Yet few of us have ever really looked into the freed eyes of a man taken prisoner for the faith. For the believer, freedom and liberty live vibrantly within us no matter what nation we reside in. We in the West need to have gratitude for the type of freedom we live in, but like all gifts, we must hold it gently as it is not the reason for our salvation. And it could be taken away at any time. Where will our faith be then if this is what it rests upon?

Political borders need not have any power over us. Yes, we obey authorities of our respective countries. But at the same time, we answer to the Highest Authority in the Universe. And He says: "Love your neighbor". Who is our neighbor? Everyone.

Our borders and our powerful nations may crumble tomorrow. If you do not think so, I plead with you to cast aside that arrogance as it can happen in a blink. But God's kingdom — His gathering of nations — extends forever past all lines on a map, and past all laws of man. If we seek His idea of family and love, it will be as Shane says: capitalism will never look the same way again and communism won't be necessary. But more so it will be as Jesus says: "All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Me."

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