CBC News – Health – Autism tied to rare gene changes: study

CBC News – Health – Autism tied to rare gene changes: study.

Autism umbrella  I always wanted to be a mutant! Actually I wanted to be Dr. Jean Gray of X-Men, but possess few qualities of the Phoenix.

However science disseminates ASDs, remember that we (all people) are more than the sum of our parts. I might struggle in ways in a social setting that may not, but you may hate writing reports and want my input.

People with autism need specified supports, but so do we all based on who we are, where we are, and how we're thriving in life. And by declaring the need for support, we declare a beautiful, messy interdependence rather than a lonely cry of weakness that is left unheard by the great independent giants of our world.

People with ASD's contribute to society, change the world, live, love, give, take, and find redemption in Christ. We do not live outside of normal. We take normal and stretch it past what normalcy itself ever thought it could endure.

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