Humanity Bites the Apple… Again

Iphone-4g Adam and Eve bit the Forbidden Fruit and the rest is history. Murder, lies, slander, exploitation, gossip, coveting, lust, adultery… all those faces of sin that set our death sentence in stone. Redemption was (and is!) free for all, but will we ever learn from the first bite?

Behold! New from Apple, the new iPhone 4!

Like cars, phones and computers are over-accessorized (meaning, many apps on iPhones are left unused or are not necessary to begin with but the consumer has to pay for the full package deal anyway). And like the consumer generation we are, we will look at our puny, pathetic excuses for phones, iPhones, mP3 players, laptops, notebooks and even the newly released iPads and suddenly realize: "I need that new iPhone!" What we have is no longer good enough because it doesn't have the extra 100 apps this new phone does. What we have is no longer good enough because it's not nearly as slim as this new phone. What we have is no longer good enough because…

… of no damn good reason.

Do we truly know what our greed and insane lust for technology is doing to the world? Our bites from the proverbial Apple have grown so huge that places like the Congo are being stripped of its environment, its people (slavery booming in the mining industry), and black market activities are leading to the unprecedented rape of women and children across the country.

Congo tantalite mine In our race to get the latest and greatest, will we stop and take a good look at what our actions are doing? We are tipping the scales of a gluttunous monster.

Is technology to blame? Not necessarily. It has done great things for the Gospel. But to rely on that reason alone to go out and buy, buy, buy is a cop-out. It's obesity. It's wrong.

To whom is given much, much will be required. And we demand A LOT. Are we going to take responsibility for it all? Do we realize that we have to?

The earth and its people cannot be dying for a phone.

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