Weekend to End Slavery

Clipboard01_JZTqd_3868  A lot of attention is paid to sex trafficking. Rightfully so. It is one of the dominant forms of slavery in the world today. The Salvation Army is getting ready to launch its 5th Annual Weekend of Fasting and Prayer to End Sexual Trafficking. GREAT!!!

Check out: http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/trafficking

This little movement here is to support the Sally Ann's movement, but also calling attention to other forms of trafficking that ruins lives and devastates our world. Debt bondage, labour trafficking, child trafficking, generational slavery, organ harvesting, migrant trafficking, child brides, mail-order brides… and the list goes on.

Please… join for the weekend, join for a day, join for an hour, join for 5 minutes. Come before God and ask Him how He would have you participate. There is no conscripted amount of time you MUST participate in. There is only the start time and the end time.

I have set a Facebook page so you can share with one another, encourage one another, and pray with one another from across the miles.


Share this event with your friends, families, congregations, and others who are seeking ways to engage this issue head on.

Sometimes people are stuck in the mindset that "I can only pray"… remember: prayer IS action! When it is fuelled and led by the Spirit, prayer and fasting create a stronger force of love and compassion than any weapon, politician, or leader could ever hope to make. We will not only see our world transformed, but we will be engaging powers behind the travesty of slavery and bearing witness to Christ smashing those powers to bits, and setting the captives free… a truthful promise of Jesus Christ Himself.

Come join the movement!

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