YC 2010  YC 2010 is done and over. Good bands. Good relationships. Good Christian kids jumping up and down in solidarity, moved in mood by loud beats and rollicking drum rolls. Hopefully the Spirit was in there somewhere too, working in all of us, changing us, creating us.

But it's easy to scream out our faith with 18,000 other believers, isn't it?

It's another thing to take our declaration of change home to our schools, our workplaces and our lives.

I struggled. Big time. I attended many great sessions about injustice, poverty, and what believers need to do about it. RAH! RAH! RAH!

And then as soon as I walked out of those sessions, there was booth after booth of Jesus junk: posters, t-shirts, jewelery, books, CD's, stickers, glow-in-dark crap, balloons, candy… all dedicated to declaring GOD.

A bumper sticker is just a bumper sticker. If you get on the high that you love Jesus, but go back to your old life relying on that stupid slogan to prove you're a little bit better than what you were before, you haven't changed one bit.

My heart was wrenched. Yeah, wearing your faith can be one way of declaring what you believe. But in an age of consumerism, why do believers feel the need to buy every piece of God-gear just to pledge their hearts?

Speaker after speaker, music leader after music leader spoke and sung of CHARACTER and CHOICES and our need to change the world. But then the message outside of those people was to buy, buy, buy our stuff and you'll look like a better Christian.

Not sure I liked that. Not at all.

How can we expect youth to go home changed and willing to change if the world's message has already crept into the ways we preach at them?

YC was easy.

The real world is still here.

What are we going to do about it?

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