An Open Apology to My Youth

YC 2010  It was a crazy weekend… late nights, early mornings, lots of loud music, and great speakers. I'll admit, there were moments were I was a little bit cranky. Typical lack of sleep, slips in communication creates frustration… small things that aren't a big deal and really don't matter because it was as stellar weekend! (And I'm thankful I have patient youth as I clumsily try to be the youth sponsor I feel God wants me to be and who they deserve).

But this apology isn't about grumbling over early risers. No… this is about apologizing about character. You see, as I was sitting in one my sessions waiting for it to begin, I saw individuals shoplift merchandise from the table I was sitting closest to. They didn't talk to anybody monitoring the area; they simply saw the books and DVD's… and took them.

Not one of these people were youth. Each and every one was an adult.

I wandered to security and mentioned that their merchandise was suddenly on a 5-finger discount, but I stalled in pointing out who had done it. I wasn't sure if shouting 'THIEF' was the right thing to do. But it was.

So I am sorry. I am sorry I backed down when I should have stepped up all the way instead of halfway.

I am sorry the people who are supposed to be examples to you find it okay to nick whatever they want and not pay for it.

I am sorry that our generation is setting such low standards for you to look up to.

And I want you all to know that you guys inspire me. We all make mistakes and there is certainly forgiveness, adults know that stealing is wrong. Let's be honest: 4 year olds know that stealing is wrong. It's demeaning, lecherous and selfish.

So for you, my youth, I pray you will shine a better example than what my adult associates did today.

And for you, the thieves, I pray that the material you stole will rise above your misdeeds and still make an impact on the world around us. Other people needing to hear the message shouldn't suffer from your sin.

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