Hookers for Jesus


Meet Annie Lobert. Turned out into the lifestyle by her 'boyfriend' at the age of 18, she worked as a sex trade worker for 11 years. Experiencing abuse, witnessing sexual slavery of minors, and aching for redemption, Annie became the founder of Hookers for Jesus in 2005. Launched out of the Church at South Las Vegas, Annie's program provides unconditional love, support, means of escape, healing and… more unconditional love for sex trade workers.

I have to admit, discretion and confidentiality have been rooted hallmarks for me in my abolition work. That is not to say Hookers for Jesus does not have these qualities, but I must say… their Vegas style certainly took me by surprise. Even the name — Hookers for Jesus — is one that I am still digesting, but there's not denying the passion and presence it has to rescue enslaved people.

Here's the link to an interview Annie did with Penthouse magazine (yes, I said Penthouse). Do not worry, The link takes you to the article posted by Annie's website and not Penthouse's so for those of you who want to access the article without the porn, it's safe.

http://www.hookersforjesus.org/ If you aren't taken straight to the article, move around the site a little bit. See how Nevada is fighting trafficking. We may not always agree on methods, but neither have I been forced to be a Las Vegas high-class call girl.


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