Respect: So Simple!

Relationship  In a day when intimacy is dearly sought after and equality seems to be acceptable, why is it that 1 in 5 men still find forced intercourse acceptable or desirable? 

I'm a gal.

I know the drill.

Go out with a group, always get your own drink (doesn't matter if it's alcoholic or not), keep your drink with you at all times (this article even says to keep it covered), go to the restroom with a buddy, make sure you trust the DD, steer clear of poorly reputable establishments, have a safe way home. The entire message being (as the article states): "Don't get raped."

But… we tell victims it's not their fault. There's a double standard here. If it's not their fault, why is the tactic to teach "Don't get raped to begin with"?

What about: "DON'T RAPE"?


If research is valid and 1 in 5 men truly find forced intercourse acceptable, there's a dangerous issue here. It's okay if the girl is drunk or high, it's okay if she says "yes" to begin with, it's okay if she's being paid… and on and on.

There's an issue of values, of example, of respect. If it's acceptable to teach women to keep ever-vigilant against predators, then there needs to be a lesson from another perspective: women aren't objects. Women are equal. Women are human beings. Rape is unacceptable.

1 in 5 is 1 too many. Hear the courage of 1 man choosing to see women for who we are, desiring to treat them as the God-created human beings. And I happen to know there are more such true gentlemen out there. To those of you, I thank you. To those of you who know you are such good men but have feared speaking out, FEAR NOT. Be a man. Tell the truth. Tell your sons: "Treat her well.", "She is your equal.", "She is your friend.", "Sex has a time and a place in a God given relationship." "Sex… is NOT yours to take."

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