The Crock of Bottled Water




Some of you have asked: what's the next step? What can we do?

What if I said that the greatest resource we should be protecting was not oil, but rather WATER — more specifically, clean, usable, fresh drinking water? Some people would throw their heads back and laugh.

Seriously… our world is drowning in  water crisis. But blindly we carry on, once again not realized HOW we're contributing to destruction, and then panic when we discover just how bad the situation really is.


Nope. Didn't say that.

But as stewards, we've got to admit we're not doing a spectacular job at taking care of our world. In fact, we're doing a truly bang-up job, literally. Whether you believe in global warming or not, you can't deny we're acting abusively towards our world — resources, people and community.

Go back to tap.

Use your reusable water bottle wherever you go.

Stop buying plastic bottled water. That's it. Easy. Just stop buying.

1, 2, 3.

Another step taken.


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