Calling to the Song

Call+response poster green  I have to admit, I was disappointed in the turnout to Saturday's event. It was the Action Coalition's Provincial Launch and anticipated 150 people.

11 showed up.

7, including myself, were volunteers.

But we went forth anyway. 11 voices speaking together is powerful. One person at a time rising up to respond to the song sung by another already singing in the dark is, as Cornel West so aptly put it, "an antiphony". It is a swelling choir being added to daily, one by one.

Call-response-poster red  Ashley Judd, Julia Ormond, Switchfoot, Imogen Heap, Cornel West, Moby, Justin Dillon and yes… (not that I'm biased at all)… David Batstone of Not For Sale. I think I even spotted Tini in there during some of the footage from San Francisco! It was during the film that I felt my chest swell with pride. Low turnout regardless, I felt proud to stand side by side with people so dedicated to justice, freedom and love — abolitionists.

Tonight I am exhausted, worn out, slightly discouraged and possibly fighting the flu, but above and beyond the voices of the many abolitionists I heard today, I heard the Voices of from the Underground… their Songs rising from the street grates, through the brothel bars, from the fields, factories, warehouses, homes, huts, bushes, forests, rebel camps, militias, plantations and suburban homes. The Songs from the Underground will not be silenced and I will sing and speak to empty rooms if need be. I will declare the freedom of Jesus Christ, the glory of God, or else even the stones shall cry out.

God… thank You for 11 people.

Take our voices and may You be heard through the rising music of the Underground.

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