From Field to Fork

Veggie-fork2 One way to stop slavery in its tracks is to buy local — local textiles, local hygiene products, local cleaning products, and local meat, grains and produce. Augstana University's cafeteria has done exactly that: food, once purchased from wholesaelers, is now purchased from local farmers.
Potato field  I saw the report on Global News yesterday and was quite impressed! Now if only they would show the cafeteria cooking HEALTHY meals from the locally purchased items instead of fries and burgers… but one step at a time!

Check out your local Farmers' Markets. They are GREAT sources of fresh veggies, canned goods, meats, handicrafts and other items you'd never think of finding at such treasure troves. And don't be afraid to shop around either. While we need to support local producers, ask if hormones are used in the raising of their chickens… if antibiotics are used in their beef production… if pesticides/herbicides are used on their produce. If so, instead of outright boycotting the farmer, discuss with her/him if they have considered alternative farming solutions. There are ways of bringing healthy items into your home while supporting the local economy.

Why else? Here are just a few reasons:

– better quality produce and goods
- community relationship building
– less fuel costs for shipping, transportation and storage
– and again… supporting the people around you.

Try it! And bring the kids. 🙂

– The Old Strathcona Farmers' Market in Edmonton, Alberta –


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