Bookworms Unite!


Okay… so what could be better than browsing through an old, dusty used book shoppe where the volumes are stacked floor to ceiling, the shelves leaning for age and weight, and the possibilities… endless? Add in some Fair Trade chocolate as you go and you have yourself a perfect afternoon thumbing through ancient tales, modern exposes, and even an edgy graphic novel or two.

But what if your purchases could benefit the world too? I, for one, buy used books, read said used books, and then set said used books on my own leaning, aging shelves to collect dust. Yes, perhaps I need to discover the grand world of library cards, but I love being a collector! I love books…

Better world books 2

Illiteracy is a huge component of the driving forces behind poverty, slavery, and crime around the world. And we could debate all day what came first: the chicken or the egg, but another day.

Better World Books has established a social enterprise where people can buy/sell/trade books (new and used) online, with free shipping in the United States and $3.97 worldwide. It also provides literacy opportunities in regions around the world that might not otherwise have access to such things. Check it out!

Committed to creating "a better world one book at a time", BWB is a terrific example of how interdependence and sharing can change the course of people's lives no matter where they live. I mean, if a book is just going to sit around unread for decades, why can't other people who would benefit from its wisdom and beauty have the chance to have those lovely warm afternoons, slowly thumbing through the pages?

Literacy isn't the whole answer to the world's woes. But it's certainly a part. And I applaud the idea, innovation and effort of the people at Better World Books. I look forward to doing business with you soon!

Better world books 3

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  1. Christian

    I appreciate the blog! I’m not an official Customer Service Rep so you may hear from them but in the interest of full disclosure, I do work for Better World Books. I also read your bit on Tom’s Shoes and I agree that as a social venture, you may not have everything sorted out from the start but it’s important for manufacturers and consumers to continue making improvements in what your product delivers and the process it goes through to get there.
    I work on our Environmental Council which aims to continuously improve and increase the impact we make through the Reuse and recycling of our books. We also have a Literacy Council that is always looking for innovative ways to increase our impact on that piece of our Triple Bottom Line. Anyways, thought I’d write because I often see copy/pasted blogs about our company, which is great but yours is very well constructed!
    When you do make your purchase, use the coupon code WELLREAD to receive 10% off!


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