Shattered Rainbows

Northern-Lights-canada  They're like rainbows that can't quite make up their minds. A piece bursts onto the horizon there, while another crystallizes here. At once green, purple, white and then immersing into one another to become each other. All haphazard, yet fluid and choreographed at the same time, the Northern Lights never cease to hush me to awe… and then tempt me to skip about like a small child chasing the pretty colors.

For those of you who haven't been to Canada (or Alaska… I'll include my American friends knowing Canada doesn't have total claim over the aurora borealis. But we're sure darn close!), I can say with open honesty that this is as close to paradise as you could ever get.

The sky… a wide canvas, a dance stage, a finely tuned instrument — wider than your eye can all see at the same time — hold stars innumerable, and wisps of cloud hanging around just to augment the painting, accent the dancers, accompany the chords.

They ballet through the night in vast stretches until one shard pierces heavenward, and another spirals against the opposite horizon. Colors collide, brush strokes streak and stain, chords ripple upwards on a scale beyond human tones.

The colors of God.

Tonight I stood beneath them frustrated…

…so many still in slavery unable to even look up and see this radiance, this splendor, this crown of the earth…

…so many cashing in and enjoying the dollar benefits…

… so many still refusing to help…

… so many dying and suffering…

…so many helping in ways that appear unbelievable, and yet I stand inept beneath an array of heavenly lights (yes, self-pity dripped in with the frustration)…

Useless… this is all useless.

But I looked up. All I heard in my head was: "Look up."

Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows…

The Father of these Heavenly Lights… our wondrous sky dancers… orchestrating, painting and singing these delicate yet massive halos of the world, whispered in my ears to see His divine choreography. Every color, movement, and tone was His — perfect in harmony, but delightedly cacaphonic as they chase one another across the sky. Frustration melted away. Knowledge of kingship was gently reprimanded.

And a reminder for those in slavery: "Look up"…

Even if all you see is a ceiling tonight, a wall, the face of a captor… look up. Past the earthly chains there is a promise: rainbows in the night. And that promise is there is freedom for you. Above what is right before you, there is a supernatural shattering of chains that dances in the northern skies of the world. Even if you cannot see the sky, the stars, the colors, take heart, take hope…

There is freedom.

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