Jesus Was A Fool… If He Even Existed

Cross through rainy glass  Read the article below… people across the Canadian prairie provinces held "The Way of the Cross" march in various cities, just as they have for many years now. The people who attended had their own reasons and motivations for doing so, but from a birds' eye view, it was beautiful.

I have to stop reading the "Comments' section posted at the bottom of these articles. This time, I just became sad at some people's ignorance and other people's bad experiences at the hands of the church. And I know too there are those who post shocking statements because they get a rush out of the nanosecond scandal it causes (ha!). But it has already been said before: the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing.

Some paraphrased examples:

Religion shouldn't be displayed in public… (but sexuality parades are fine).

Why are people still stupid enough to believe the biggest lie in history?… (perhaps it wasn't a lie).

Let people believe in fairytales like the Easter bunny if it makes them happy… (yeah sure, go ahead; what's wrong with a little fairytale or two? They're fun! The life of Christ was reality, though).

Faith and religion are the same thing… (sigh, this one makes me truly sad)

If 'Christians' actually believed what they preached, they'd be different people… (even sadder now ouch!)

Lots of people marching are aboriginal, so obviously the white ruling class is still forcing a white man's religion onto aboriginal culture… (nope… don't think so, and if someone is, she/he's not of Christ)

Jesus was a good teacher… (yes! He IS)

Next year, I'm going to parade around a giant Easter egg… (do that; I'll be there with my camera… please just promise me it will be Fair Trade?)


Jesus is God. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He was conceived in a virgin by God, as God. He became sin and died, AND rose again to restore us, His precious creation, to Him. There was no other way. This is a GOOD hope! A true and trustworthy hope! But what a LUDICROUS story!… anyone who believes this tripe is a sheep, a lemming, a dunce. Yeah well… welcome to a tattered, ragamuffin world of dreamers, sinners, clowns (yes, clowns), outcasts, addicts, fools and children.

Jesus requires faith.

Those of you wanting proof… keep trying to prove evolution and see how far that gets you. You're squelching the larger spiritual reality that is knocking at your door. You're rejecting the gift of faith. If you don't have it, I dare you to ask for it. DOUBLE dare you… but I warn you, if you ask God to reveal Himself to you, be prepared for one of the most creative and unfathomable responses ever seen. And the whole man-made scientific method will fade away into the background.

Those of you with grudges against the church… step away from everything right now, take a few moments and speak directly to God (because Jesus' death and resurrection has made that possible), and hear from Him the truth. But it will be your choice to let go of your bitterness. Believe it or not, there are many people around you who are compassionate and empathetic and willing to stand by you. having had similar experiences. If you don't speak with the Author of this crazy faith, then you don't have any legs to stand on with your bitterness. You're just carrying around blame so you can point a few fingers.

Those of you who are believers… if they world doesn't see us as different, we're not living the kingdom. In a phrase: let's get salty.



Christians carry cross to mark Good Friday

Last Updated:
Friday, April 2, 2010 | 4:22 PM MT

Christians across the Prairies marked Good Friday, which commemorates
the day Jesus Christ was crucified.

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