My Dangerous Loverboy

There's shock value here. Now most of you will know how much stock I place in shock. However, at the same time I can't ignore the reality this video portrays. This was filmed in the UK, but the same trends are happening in Canada: older boys and men pimping out girls, using coercive and deceptive messages.

My dangerous loverboy

It's okay to talk about this stuff — slavery. Light exposes dark. The more we talk truthfully, openly, and lovingly, the more our children will have the savvy and heart to protect themselves and their friends. The more we talk about it with open minds and hearts, the more compassion we will have for victims — seeing them as equal human beings, and not as poor little creatures who made bad choices.

Getting the message?

It's okay to talk.

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  1. Rebecca Jesson

    Thank you for the post about My Dangerous Loverboy. I have been working with the director Virginia Heath to raise awareness of the issue of sex trafficking with a cross platform campaign. It’s so important to try and reach young people on the platforms they naturally use and so we appreciate anyone helping us to spread the message. If you would like to know more, we have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr accounts. You can find them all here:


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