An Abolitionist with “?

Erin Looking Coy2  A minister asked me tonight: "So what do you do?" I responded with my typical (albeit lame) "By day or by night?" This usually gets people curious, although that could just be my fractal perception. Most folks probably roll their internal eyes wondering how long I'm going to talk, or brace themselves for the admission that I really am I superhero… or super villain.

Ha! Hardly. I don't fit into tights.

In fact, it's a rather meager attempt to explain that I have a 'job', but my purpose in life is missionary work wherever I am. Right now, I work full time as a Student Mentor at Portage College. But my life's calling is 'missionary' — monastic… abolitionist… Christ-centered society-changer… anyone else have any other tags? Now, I told this minister tonight I was a missionary but let me be clear: I don't have a particular church or denomination that funds me (yet!). The last thing I want is for that fact to get backwards. I am a missionary because God has called and sent me, not because I have been hired on by any organization. Even if a denomination never supports me, I will still be a missionary.


What does that mean?

A life full of roof top experiences? Hardly… that was only in San Francisco.

Erin on the Rooftops
I don't play music, as much as I love to sing. I don't speak well in front of others, as much as I love to share about learning to live differently. I don't have a doctorate in theology, as much as I love meditating on Scripture. I'm just… me. I work with the Action Coalition on Human Trafficking-Alberta… the Not For Sale Campaign… and am working/praying to launch Coming Home — a worship centered community that would assist in ending slavery around the world. Does that qualify as missional?

Some days… I wonder.

Do I live a "social Gospel"? Yes, I most certainly do. But before you bring the torches and pitchforks, understand that the social Gospel has Jesus Christ — the One and Only, alive in resurrection — at its core. It's not a diluted version of what many churches perceive the Gospel to be. If you have questions, just ask. I have no problems with Jesus talks.

The poor and oppressed are in the heartbeat of Jesus. The closer I am to His heartbeat, the closer I am to them and their offering of worship. We worship together as family.

Jesus came to set the captives free. Just how He's going to make that look… well… ?????

You game?

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