The Inspiration Series Part 6: Mrs. Joy Smith

Erin and Joy Smith She introduced the Private Member's Bill-C268 demanding Canada have minimum sentencing for child traffickers. Working 16 hour days with a crackerjack team, and possessing a heart held strong with God's grace, this politician is driven by Christ more fiercely than any party platform. She's kind, she's focused, and she's longing to see the destruction of the modern slave trade. This, ladies and gentlemen, is MP Joy Smith.

Attending Not For Sale-Canada's first Global Advocacy Days, she assisted in training our small but mighty group to meet with with MP's and Senators. Sharing her vision and why human trafficking is so close to her heart, she inspired generations and cultures from across the nation with her character and integrity.

Hosting a reception after Question Period on Thursday, March 25 — the 203rd Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade in the British Empire — Mrs. Smith introduced her National Strategy that would give meat to her bill, which is now sitting with the Senate. Once it become law (and we all pushed hard for Senators to get that bill through!), it will need direction and structure. Joy saw to that… every single point.

The only person who had seen the Strategy was Prime Minister Stephen Harper, then… us – the Global Advocacy Days attendees. And then MP's and Senators and Canadians.

There is a gem in Joy Smith. Her mind and heart, Spirit-led, both have grit that grind to the core of slavery and abolition… and freedom. Thank you, Mrs. Smith, for your inspiration, hard work and belief that all peoples are called to freedom.

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